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Red Protective Soles for Christian Louboutin® Shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes and soles

There are many brands of red sole protectors on the market today. Cobblestone, traveled to Europe to find the best color match available. At the Shoe Service Exhibition in Wiesbaden, Germany, hundreds of

manufacturers showed their shoe repair products, materials and  machinery available today. One of the most popular item was the red soling available from companies like Vibram, Soletech, Topy, Supertap and many others. Cobblestone purchased what we felt matched the red color of the Christian Louboutin soles. The red protective soling we use is 1mm thin, has no unattractive logos on the bottom and wears extremely well. We are proud to be the first in the USA to carry this new sole protector. We will also have other new colors coming in the future. Gold, silver, blue are some of the newer colors available.

So if you want to match the high fashion colors or create a new and different look for your favorite shoes, Cobblestone, as always is on the cutting edge of today’s fashion trends.
We have people sending us their shoes from all 50 states, trusting us to provide the very best in quality workmanship offered today. Whether you have Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Stuart Weitzman or any high fashion shoes, we can meet your shoe care needs at Cobblestone.

High fashion stilettos require the best in top lift replacement. Cobblestone offers extended wear top lifts made out of the longest wearing poly urethane so they last much longer than the original plastic (pvc) top lifts and are slip resistant. We have both round and rectangular shapes to match the original look.

If you have questions about sole protectors, contact or bring your shoes to the Cobblestone location nearest you.

Repaired Christian Louboutin shoes 4

The customer says ...

 I received my shoes today and I am so pleased with them. Thank you for doing such a great job! As soon as I can afford to buy another pair, I will send them directly to you!

Tracy Shaw

Our customers say ...

Thank you for the awesome job putting the red rubber soles on my Louboutins! They look fantastic and the soles are a way better color match than what I had ordered from e-bay! Thank you again. I will be sending you any future pairs of CLs I buy to have the red soles put on!!

Carrie Baker

I have been searching for a really good cobbler who
can match the red soles on the bottom of my Christian Louboutin shoes and came across this site. I was very skeptical because a lot of the red soles DO NOT match.

I emailed Randy and he promised me good quality, Sure enough, he kept his word. I just received my CLs and love them very much! The red matches completely and I am so excited to wear them with no scuffs.

Not only that, but the service/shipping was REALLY quick since I live in Louisiana! I am very impressed and will definitely be sending my shoes here ALWAYS! Thanks Randy and looking forward to doing more work with y'all!

Valerie Middleton

Take a look at our work

Here are some photos of our work along with comments from satisfied customers. To send us your shoes, contact

Repaired Christian Louboutin shoes 1

Pictured inside the Christian Louboutin shoes are a pair of Dasco Shoe Shapers. These help keep your shoes looking new and will maintain their shape and reduce the wrinkling of the leather. Ask for them when you send in your shoes to Cobblestone. We can put them inside your shoes when we are finished with any repairs. Cost is $15 per pair.

The customer says ...

I give Randy and Cobblestone my highest recommendation. I sent  multiple pairs of Louboutins for resoling and had them all back, resoled and in perfect condition the same week. The color match for the sole is the best I have ever seen and it wears very well.

I used to save the shoes for special evenings out, but now I can wear them anytime. The sole is thin enough that you do not see it from the sides, but it is strong enough that the wear is incredibly comfortable.

Randy's craftsmanship is impeccable. I also sent my matadors to have the patent leather on the heel replaced. They came back in like-new condition. I will be sending all of my luxury shoes to Cobblestone from now on.

Marisa Perry

Repaired Christian Louboutin shoes 2

The customer says ...

I got my shoes today and they look great! I'm going to send you my other four pairs!

Thanks again!!!

Sue Pyc

Repaired Christian Louboutin shoes 3

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