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Ideal Heel

IdealHeelTM was created with the high heel wearer in mind. Its creator was tired of the daily high heel mishaps, missteps and misfortunes that occurred while trekking across the city for work, social gatherings and events. And NOTHING was more frustrating than discovering gouges, scuffs and stains on a brand new pair of heels-not to mention, paying for repairs was financially exhausting!

Originally, its inception was purely protective and designed to be virtually undetectable, enabling women to traverse rugged urban obstacles such as city street grates, cracked sidewalks, wood decks, grass lawns and cobblestone with ease and confidence, while protecting their precious pumps. Then we discovered IdealHeels could also be a fun, fashionable accessory to a pair of heels needing a facelift, or the perfect concealer for the pair of heels in need of repairs. Ultimately, IdealHeel gives women the freedom to discretely protect their favorite heels, and the confidence to walk into a room knowing their heels are immaculate and devoid of unsighly gouges, scuffs, stains and tears from their commute!

IdealHeel comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and fits standard high heel pumps and stilettos. They are perfect for the business woman and her go-to career pumps, the bride and her bridal party celebrating the special occasion outdoors, the socialite who dines and shops in the trendy cobblestone-paved neighborhood, and the fashionable mom who appreciates the more practical, money-saving quality that IdealHeel brings to her closet.


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